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March 23

"The Saint" photographic tribute. Here's something for all Saint afficionados, distantly related to Roger Moore, but very interesting as it pays tribute to his portrayal of Simon Templar. It's Chris Oaten's photographic recreation of the cult ITC classic TV show. The session is featured in the latest issue of the "Hull Mag", Hull's brand new free magazine. Some of the photos can be also viewed at Chris Oaten's website. It's great to see Roger Moore's classic TV show in such regard!

March 13

Centenary of Elstree and Borehamwood. "From Borehamwood to Hollywood: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Elstree" is an upcoming 90-minute documentary, which will tell the story from the opening of the first studio in 1914 to the present day. Content will include interviews filmed for "The Elstree Project", including one with Sir Roger Moore, filmed back in 2012. The release date for the film is set for September 2012. Read more at The Elstree Project website.
In 2006 a blue plaque was unveiled at Elstree Studios honouring Sir Roger Moore, who had filmed there "The Saint", "Crossplot", and "The Man Who Haunted Himself".

March 8

Alec Mills' memoirs. There is a new book due in July 2014 for all Bond, The Saint and Roger Moore aficionados. "I am What I am: Shooting 007 and other celluloid adventures" is a memoir from Alec Mills, British camera operator and director of photography, who has worked on numerous occasions with Sir Roger Moore over the years, firstly on "The Saint", then on James Bond, and non-Bond films "Gold" and "Shout at the Devil". Foreword to the book was written by Sir Roger Moore. You can pre-order it on
In addition, in the latest issue of "MI6 Confidential" there's an interesting interview with another Bond-man, director John Glen, who has also worked with Sir Roger Moore on quite a few projects. You can purchase it at

February 17

Royal Reception at Buckingham Palace. Sir Roger Moore joined around 250 guests for a Royal Reception for the Dramatic Arts at Buckingham Palace on Monday night. The artists met the Queen and Duchess Of Cambridge before watching a series of performances in the Palace ballroom. Read full report.

February 1

New interview in "The Express". "In 2009 Roger, 86, announced his retirement from acting, but dressed up as Bond once again to promote the London 2012 Olympics. For over 20 years, he has been Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, and more recently the face of PETA’s anti foie gras campaign." Read a brand new interview with Sir Roger Moore in "The Express".

January 24

"Maverick" on DVD. Season 4 of the popular Warner Bros. western series "Maverick" starring Jack Kelly and Roger Moore makes its DVD debut this week. Moore played British cousin Beau Maverick in the series, and although he fared well, trading off with Kelly for most of the season, he has departed after just 15 shows - all included on this release. Read more.

January 14

Sir Roger Moore on UNICEF and Glasgow 2014. It’s just over 7 months until the start of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, for which UNICEF UK is the official charity partner. Ahead of the event, the Queen’s Baton Relay has recently arrived in Africa. In a special interview, Sir Roger Moore talks about how he became involved with UNICEF, his work in Africa, and the huge welcome he expects the Baton Relay to receive during its journey through the continent. Watch video.

January 6

"Gnomes & Trolls" update. According to "Gnomes & Trolls" (Part 2), an animated feature film produced back in 2008-10 and featuring Sir Roger Moore in one of voice-roles is now set to premiere in the UK in 2015.

January 5

"Incompatibles" update. On December 14 a preview showing of "Incompatibles" was held in Monaco. The film was shot last Summer and features a special appearance by Sir Roger playing himself. "Incompatibles" is an independent feature film directed by a 21 year-old filmmaker, Paolo Cedolin Petrini. It tells a story of a young man with a fascination for James Bond. More information about the film can be found at "Incompatibles" facebook page. Photo on the right features Sir Roger on the set of the film.


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